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A message worth mentioning

19 May

It's not a message in a bottle, but still this is worth mentioning!

On several clubs in the Netherlands, people can donate their used hockey sticks to the Kadish Foundation. Since most hockey players have a couple of 'old' sticks laying arou...

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The last SportWays Rocket is ready for take off: Jan Willem Buissant
17 May

Many hockey stars once jumped into the SportWays rocket by participating in our hockey camps. And we all know where they...

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One happy Rose
06 May

A few weeks ago, we posted the story about Rose. Rose was one of the participants of the camp at Dragons (Belgium). She ...

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Train-the-trainer big hit in Houten!
05 May

Last Saturday SportWays organized a Train-the-trainer event in Houten (the Netherlands). 36 local trainers got training ...

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Injured Rose, gets present
22 Apr

Accidents happen. Even when we take all the precautions in the world, you can't escape from it. A hockey ball that hits ...

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Two SportWays jubilees!
21 Apr

Two of SportWays finest, were put in centre stage today. Maarten is an employee for 12,5 year now, and Vincent is part o...

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